Cookie Bake-Off 2010

L-R: Nancy ("Tastiest"), Jill ("Best Bar" and "People's Choice"), Anna Marie, Stephanie, Zoe, Heather, Brenda ("Best Classic"), Olivia, Zach, Quinn, Erin G, Bunny, Ben (Lynda), Summer, Tami ("Best Classic with a Twist"), Seth ("Prettiest"), Linsey, Erin B, Jerry, Katie, Suzanne, Matt ("Most Unique"), Ashley, Jenn and Jacqui!

Christmas of 2008 we threw a Cookie Smackdown. It was meant to be an annual affair. Well, December 2009 came and went in a flash. We never had a free night.

This weekend, the oven mitts came off. 25 treats converged on our dining room table. The competition was fierce.

I can't wait for 2011.

Stay tuned for recipes.

Categories: Tastiest, Prettiest, Best Classic, Best Classic with a Twist, Most Unique, Best Bar, and Peoples Choice (Most overall votes)


Unknown said...

Can't wait for the recipes! The pictures look fantastic!

johnnyrub said...

I can't wait to hopefully be invited to the next one.

Summer also knows as the krazy cake lady said...

Your photographer is amazing, does he want to take pics of my food?