Cook Books

As of right now, I am out of cookbooks. There is a chance (a good chance I think) that I can get my hands on a few more, so if you are interested, please leave a comment or send an email and I will put you on a list and let you know if and when I have some available.
Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest. I didn't expect such a great response. I've loved all of the comments and emails. As the cyclist can attest, it makes my day when I learn that someone is reading or has made something from my "flog" (food log)!

P.S.  I know the photo has nothing to do with the cookbook, but I think a post without a picture is boring.  Plus she's seven weeks old already and I think she's really cute.  


Mandy said...

Hey Megan, heard about your blog from Lisa, I would love to get one of those cookbooks if any become available.

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

Megan, Flog. Really?

Are you going to be like Rachel Ray and start making up words?