"Peacocks on my Porch"

Some little known benefits to having a husband who spends the equivalent of a part time job every week on a bike.

1. He has sexier legs than me. Actually that's not great when we're both wearing shorts.

2. After spending lots of money on a new bike, new equipment, or a race entry fee, he feels guilty and surprises me with a new bed, sofa, or that cherry red dutch oven I’ve had my eye on.

3. I became a cycling widow.

What? Number three doesn't sound like a perk, you say? Let me explain. Yes, I may lose my husband for 15-20 hours every week, but I have gained the friendship and support of some incredible women. These "cycling widows"…we form a club.

We are the women who bond together while chatting on the sidelines of countless criterium races. We are the friends who bundle up their kids in snow gear so we can watch a great cyclocross race in December. We are the women who pile into a rented Suburban and spend a full day in the car, girl talking, and following our bikers on narrow (not always paved) roads from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, all the while assembling PB&J’s and partially peeled bananas to quickly hand off to the men at bustling feed zones. And we are the ones with tears in our eyes when our husbands cross the finish line.

Through all of this, dear friendships are born and I have met some exceptional women.

A few years ago, a group of these women decided to compile a cookbook of their favorite tried and true recipes, and I was invited to participate. The result: "Peacocks on My Porch", one of my favorite cookbooks. It's a beautiful, hard bound cookbook, filled with all kinds of wonderful recipes, including decadent desserts and hands down some of THE BEST salad recipes I have ever tried.

When we originally published it, I ordered 25 books. I gave a few copies to the women in my family for Christmas gifts that year. They all loved it. Word got out and I sold out my stash before the end of the year. We ordered a second printing, and again it sold out within weeks. I have since been approached by several people who want a copy.

A few months ago, we decided to do one final order, but since we were going to make this the last printing, we went all out and added over 300 new recipes, bringing the total to around 700.

If you would like to purchase a copy, leave me a comment with your email address, or send me an email at bradleykitchen@comcast.net


Kamy said...

I would love one and maybe a few for gifts, depending on how much they are. kamydawn@hotmail.com Thanks!

Courtney said...

I have the original version - now you are tempting me with all of these new recipes. How much is it? Maybe I'll but the new one and give my old one away.

Heather said...

Yea, I'm excited for the new one!! Can I get 5 Please? When can I get them? I was wanting to give my grandma one in Idaho next weekend. THANKS!

Brit H. said...

Hey, hook me up. I am pretty sure that you have my email address. I will just drop off a check, or mail one to you. Whatever is easier

Shana and Brandon said...

Megan I would love one. I looked at your blog off of Jill's you are amazing. I wish I could cook. My email address is shanahaws@hotmail.com. I still have your baby gift I need to bring by maybe I will just drop off a check then. I know I am a slacker sorry:( I still have to pay for the ward cookbook

Jacqui said...

I am so sad I've been pathetic about reading blogs lately, and I missed the cookbook order! If you do decide to do another printing, I'd love one! It looks awesome!

jvds said...

hi megan,
i have the book already but would love the updated version! if you have 3 copies, i would love them. love reading your flog... jenn

Sue said...

I've just heard from a friend how fabulous this cookbook is. It's a longshot, but do you still have a couple?
Thanks so much!
Sue s.mickelson@gmail.com

The Whitmore's said...

Hello! I was given a copy of this cookbook for a wedding gift and I love it! I want to give it as a gift now to everyone I know! Are there any copies still out there somewhere?

Great job on the book! It's wonderful! Thanks! ------Amy

Amelia said...

I googled this cookbook and found your blog. I would love to buy a copy from you or find out how to get one if you wouldnt mind emailing me AmeliaLBH@hotmail.com
Thank you!

Kellie said...

Hi there. I found your blog through another blog, "Little Birdie Secrets". I am interested in a couple of copies of your book, if they are still available. My email address is four.eggs@yahoo.com. Thanks!

JennieGift said...

Do you have any cookbooks left? jenniegift@gmail.com

Ang said...

I am also interested in purchasing this book. Do you have a few more copies? please email me at hohneke7@gmail.com

Ang said...

I would also like to purchase a copy of this cookbook. do you still have any left? hohneke7@gmail.com

Ludlow Kids Mission Blogs said...

Me too! I have a book but have about 10 ladies who want to steal if from me! Would you have access to about a dozen books still? Thanks!

Megan said...

I am out of books right now. Check back, I will post if I get a hold if any more.

Unknown said...

I have tasted several of the recipes in your book, can I just say they were wonderful. I would like to purchase 6 books.

Thank you,
Laura F Killian

sue said...

I would like to order a couple of cookbooks

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase the cookbook, may I know whether you still have stock and how much is it?



Linda Winner said...

I would love a copy if it's still available! mouserme at yahoo.com