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The least i could do for Megan after giving birth to her fourth daughter and coming home and mowing the lawn the next day is to make her breakfast on Sunday.
We didn't have any pancake mix and we have cereal every other meal as it is, so i made pancakes.
I got to thinking that the name "pancakes" is just a "cake" made in a "pan". I pulled out some Betty Crocker french vanilla cake mix and made as the box directed and then cooked them on the griddle. I had to turn the heat all the way down to 200 degrees for them to cook evenly but they were good. Almost like we were eating cake for breakfast. That is generally our goal here.
We did use syrup and fresh fruit instead of frosting, but i was tempted just to make up some frosting for them. I am used to carbo-loading for big rides and races so i have a tendency to over do it a little bit.

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